Loci: Issue One

Welcome to Loci, a new bimonthly publication that seeks to bring the feeling of a place to the palm of your hand. This is not a guidebook. It does not purport to account for all of the intricacies, historic connections, or social or political considerations that compose a region as complicated as one of the most vibrant communities in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The Lower East Side is a perfect first specimen for this project: an area with a rich history and a vast diversity of views and perspectives, it is at once posh and unruly, balancing its gentrified future with a significantly rougher past. We believe that everybody has a story. We took our journalistic leanings to the streets and waited to stumble upon something that grabbed our attention and our hearts. We hope you enjoy it.—The Editors of Loci: Giulia Berrebi, Maggie Franks, Daniel Kanter, Katherine Mann, Natalie O’Moore, and Jason Sherman.