• Confluence Spring 2015: The Personals

    Confluence is happy to introduce the Spring 2015 editorial team.

    Giovanna Olmos wants a 3D printing bf. lol. He’s into everything weird and revolutionary. She’s adventurous but preferably on her, own, terms. The more she likes you the more weird stuff she will message and text you. If it’s really awesome, she’ll email you, too. $

    Sydney Rappis is, somewhat desperately and most embarrassingly, searching for someone to drink tea with her and talk about the latest news of the Doctor. She believes that a party isn’t complete without a banana, swears by her pocket watch, and thinks bow ties are cool. Unfortunately, she is incredibly hard to make plans with because of the innate, wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey, non-linear nature of her calendar. Despite this, she hopes to settle down long enough to find a companion to come along on  her next adventure.

    Luke Smithers: Camera, pen, and a plot of land.

    Caroline Speetjens: “Hey! You seem cool. Let’s get coffee.”

    Wambui Wainaina: Truth enthusiast, far from home. Seeking the right words and nothing else in particular.

    Required: basic knowledge of ribbon dance, and preferred familiarity with urban gardening. Robots, antediluvians, and professionals need not apply.