• NEST, a new student publication, accepting submissions through February 28

    From Founding Editor Emma Spett:


    The New York University Environmental Student Times (NEST) is in the process of publishing its first journal, and we want you to contribute! We are currently seeking submissions in all genres relating to the environment, the human relationship with nature, place, and more! This journal will be a showcase of environmental work produced at NYU, and we need the support of talented and creative students like you! We will be accepting works in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, research, journalism, art, and photography!

    If you would like to submit a piece, email it by 2/28 to es3087 [at] nyu [dot] edu. In the title, include your name and the genre within which your piece falls.

    Please do not submit pieces that are over 5 pages in length. Additionally, if you are submitting a piece of research, please ensure that it contains more than ten sources. If you are submitting your work to multiple publications and it is accepted to another, please let us know as soon as possible!

    If you’d like to work with us to select pieces for our journal, please contact Emma Spett at es3087@nyu. We are seeking a team of readers for each genre that we accept. Include an example of your work upon applying.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this email. As writers, artists, thinkers, and environmentalists, we want you to have the opportunity to showcase your work in a journal that celebrates the passionate students on this campus who are dedicated to creating and perpetuating a sustainable world.

    If you have any questions, please email es3087 [at] nyu [dot] edu.. We look forward to reading your pieces, and are excited to begin this adventure with you!