• Open Call for Submissions to Commuter Lit


    Open call for submissions  for a new series coming to Public Books this spring



    The series is called Commuter Lit. If you (particularly if you’re a student aged 18-25 years) would like to contribute a 500-750 word entry on the topic, Public Books is looking for pieces that engage the following questions:

    -What do you read on your commute?

    -What role does commuting play in your life?

    -How might what you read on your commute illuminate this role?

    Grievances are welcome and experimentation encouraged. These should be treated not as academic essays, but as personal musings. For examples of writing style, consider the Public Streets series on Public Books.

    Entries will be published on the publicbooks.org blog. Interested students should contact Gabrielle at brie@publicbooks.org.