Gallatin Review

The Gallatin Review, an annual journal of student poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art, is edited by students under faculty supervision. Each year, awards are given to outstanding published works. A reading from the previous year’s Gallatin Review takes place in early October; submissions are usually due by mid-November. The book is published during the spring semester, with a reading by writers and an exhibit of the art published in the new volume.

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The Gallatin Research Journal

Gallatin Research Journal is a student-run publication devoted to providing a showcase for the excellence achieved by Gallatin students in the arena of academic non-fiction work. It is the editors’ goal to strengthen the connections between individuals and ideas in Gallatin by affording students from all fields of academic interest the opportunity to have their work published in a single platform. The Gallatin Research Journal is an interdisciplinary periodical that embraces the structure of Gallatin’s individualized curriculum.

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Journal of Global Affairs

The mission of the Journal of Global Affairs is to create, produce and publish a scholarly undergraduate journal that showcases articles and artwork pertaining to all aspects of global affairs. The Journal of Global Affairs provides a forum for undergraduate students at NYU to publish their work in a scholarly journal. The journal also stimulates general interest in and increased awareness of global affairs, which affect the world in which we live.

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