Ode to a Toad

A bandit dressed in boiled brown,
You’re caught invading my hometown,
Your back is flavored rocky road,
You stumble onward, bumbling toad.

The summer brought you from beyond,
And placed you in my placid pond,
You shamble on a slow breaststroke,
As if whatever’s okie-doke.

As you paddle sticky toes,
Out of the water lifts your nose,
And drinking just a sip of air,
You dip back in then swim elsewhere.

The summer taught you how to spell,
The language we all know so well,
Don’t leave your slimy heart too long,
You better sing your mating song.

The mud and muck are drowning in,
The pattern of your paisley skin,
Though lazy in the morning light,
You sing the chorus of the night.

The summer left you at her feet,
Caught in the middle of the street,
A roaring lorry blowing smoke,
You better hop before you croak!