New [Found] Life

stool handmade with found wood [east village - stuyvesant and 3rd ave], vertebra [east village - laguardia pl. and w. 3rd], black coffee table [east village - w. 3rd and macdougal]

denim cushions from couch [east village - e. 9th and 3rd ave]

wicker back wooden rocking chair [bushwick - bushwick ave and pilling st.]; chair/stool with woven rush seat [chelsea - 25th and 10th ave]; painting on canvas stretched over a window frame [bushwick - broadway and moffat st.]

small white wooden cupboard [bushwick - moffat st.]; wooden shelf/bench (can be used vertically or horizontally. got from a friend who moved to israel) [east village - ave A and 7th st.], green wooden panels (from deconstructed shelves) [east village - w. 4th and cooper sq.]; wooden door panel (now painted green and made into a table) [bushwick - broadway and myrtle ave.], exquisite tree branch (that is unusually white, perfect for décor) [dumbo - brooklyn bridge park]

white couch for one person [bushwick - moffat st.], turqoise cushion from sofa (too heavy to carry the whole thing)  [bushwick - central ave. and cooper st.], wooden crate [bushwick - bushwick ave.], green carpet (artshow leftovers) [east village - stuyvesant and 3rd ave], wooden table (found without legs) [bushwick - bushwick ave.], carseats (why...) [bushwick - moffat st.]; plastic crate [bushwick - moffat st.]; wooden drawer (can be used as a seat or a shelf) [bushwick - moffat st.]


Immateriality of art is not only my fascination and my exploration of mediums as an artist, but it is also a response to the contemporary state of our society where capitalistic exchange is the core of our economy and daily lives; there is no escaping each of our roles in this system. We involuntarily participate in a perpetual cycle of production and consumption, often to excess. Alongside a recent decision to only purchase second-hand items and local goods, the following images illustrate the objects that I have found on the streets or inherited from a friend over the past year. Giving them a new home, a new life, and giving myself a new way of living, one I hope you will join.