Living Space: Athens & Cyprus

This video is meant to serve as a reminder of the emotional histories of every spot on the map. Juxtaposing a series of wartime and peacetime events in the modern histories of both Greece and Cyprus with a visual summary of the Albert Gallatin Scholars trip, a spectrum of emotion and presence is created. Some of the most interesting parts of the AGS trip to me were our discussions on the history of each nation and the consequences of those histories on modern life. I was especially interested in the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising, when university students stood up against the military regime, risking their lives. When examining troubles faced by a nation or its citizens, it’s important to look at the detrimental effects of nationalism and nostalgia. For those who are haunted by (or who glorify) the past, there is little room to move forward. At the same time, by reminding ourselves that hardships, revolutions, risks, and even violent action have taken place in the same places we enjoy (and take action in) today, we can gain a greater appreciation for life and our opportunities to make change.

Works sampled in this video include “Time to Say Goodbye,” Piano Solo (Con Te Partiro / Por Ti Volare) recorded by Viktoriya Yermolyeva; Sounds of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic Uprising; Greek dictator’s (Georgios Papadopoulos) speech after the 1973 Polytechnic uprising; Documentary – The Cyprus Problem, Still Divided; Cyprus Peace Operation of 1974, from ITN archives; and Cyprus 1974: The Turkish Invasion.