Compass Seeks Editors and Submissions

Compass Seeks Editors and Submissions


Compass is a student-run publication from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Showcasing student research, Compass strives to publish and archive the best academic and creative work produced by Gallatin students. By sharing original, interdisciplinary research, it is our hope that Compass will enliven and inspire open discourse within the Gallatin community, while strengthening the relationship that our academic community has with communities of learning and activism around the world.

Link to student-run publication "Compass"

Masthead Positions

There are a number of positions open on Compass’ executive board and editorial board. Read the job descriptions and apply via the online application form


Compass is seeking interdisciplinary, unique academic research papers that have been developed in classes, independently, or from grant-funded research. While there is no page limit, we value concision. We’re currently accepting research paper submissions to  After we receive your submission, the editorial board will judge the paper on the following criteria: 

1. Writing Quality: We value papers that are well developed research pieces with a clear writing style. We ask some of the following questions: Is this paper a well-developed research paper with thoughtful analysis and original ideas? Does the paper cite several articles and books? Is the writing clear and easy to understand, with a clear argument/thrust?

2. Topic: We will consider the submission alongside other papers and choose papers that fit well with the other selected pieces and in Compass’s editorial style overall. We value original topics and ideas that make interesting connections or challenge familiar narratives.

Interest Meeting

Join us for our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, September 12 at 6-7pm in the Gallatin 5th Floor Student Lounge to discuss the upcoming semester for Compass! Dinner will be provided.
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