Graffiti Memories

Graffiti Memories

Photograph of graffiti mural depicting a screaming face with vampire teeth, and fleshy hands raised in a claw-like gesture, bats rising in silhouette in background
Graffiti mural by “Nicer”

Graffiti has always been a contested form, often harshly criminalized and regarded as vandalism. But for me, my family, and the countless black and brown folks who grew up around it, graffiti can be an art for and of our community. Each passing year sees this art being stripped from our streets, and with each disappearance, we lose a piece of our culture. This walking tour is just one South Bronx native’s attempt to preserve its memory.

I dedicate this audio tour to the lives graffiti has touched, and to the lives it may never have the chance to reach.

Download a text transcript (PDF) of the walking tour.

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