Letters to You and Me

Letters to You and Me


How can women so tortured stand so tall?
How can women so tall be so afraid of it all?

I can’t stand the way she sees the world.

        “Nunca hay que llorar”
                                       “La vida siempre es buena”
                                                                  “Desperdiciamos la vida cuando estamos tristes”



I’ll never be sad again. 

E motion all.
Words tend to lose their meaning.
Lose loose
Nothing is real.
I can’t listen to the songs I listened to yesterday.

“Sad Seine” the melody of my day

I wear “Sad Seine” like glasses it tints my world dark rose
Not the way La Vie en Rose did. Not the way that you did.





It’s October again.

Life and this thing she has with cycles.


Last October was all about you,
this October I can only think of you.

How ironic

I met Rilke right as I was losing you.









I swear I’ll never be sad again.

I swear I’ll never be sad again.

I swear I’ll never–

Maybe just…




All of the quoted text comes from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet.

Read a text-only version of “Letters for You and Me” (PDF).

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