From the Fragile Series

From the Fragile Series


Fragile n.7 // Chopin Op. 28 no.4

Beneath the ceiling of her Beekman Place apartment

Beneath the piano

I listen to her play Chopin

The hazel in her eyes, the warmth in her smile

And her breath

I can still hear her breath

Going in and out, and in and out

In the armchair

He is crying


Fragile n.33 (Ode to Keaton Henson)

Earnestly yours

as you wake up
at dusk
tangled in your hair

Are you dressed
in clouds

Or simply in kimonos
dipped in dyes
of blue?


Fragile n.44 // Ólafur Arnalds – Lag Fyrir Ömmu

All at once
The birds left the park
Didn’t they know
That the park needed them?

The water on the ground
Froze over
And filled the cracks
In the concrete

And the bark began to peel
Off of the trees
The leaves fell in
the puddles of ice

Soon after
There was nothing

Only the stars


Fragile n.51 // Erik Satie Gymnopedie I

Every time we say goodbye

I remember you coming out

of the shower


Your hair turbaned in a towel

You’re humming something Chet

Baker once sung


You would sit and you would

Light a smoke, you would muse

About what it would be like to

Be where we are now


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