The Doppelgänger

The Doppelgänger


There is someone standing in the mirror
who only I can see
We share a name, we share an arc
I’ve tried to keep him in the dark

In ravenous, twilit hours
he smirks and slithers in my bones
determined to rupture, determined to stay
Maybe, oh maybe, I’ll let him someday

I hear carnal whispers
oozing from my porcelain cracks
He says my time has come to an end
His tenacity’s what I’ve come to commend

I spent years trying to lock him out
but he says he’s the replacement
Despite my efforts, the moment has come
Maybe he’ll make me a little less numb

He’s the sultry summer air
I was frigid winter poise
The soulful darkness has been found
In desperation, he’s been crowned

and I’ll have regrets
He’s just too unwound
but I’m starting to like my wicked new friend
Finally, oh finally, no need to pretend.


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