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Painted Stories, Spirited Bodies


In this project, I deliberately and openly approach the body not as a one-dimensional static object with typical “x” and “y” curves, but as a feeling body that is telling a story through abstract shapes and colors. As I paint directly on the figure, a literal and metaphorical conversation begins to resonate through a delicate communion between the participant and me. It is a documentation of human unfolding, where two subjective truths collide and merge. The participants on whom I paint are living, emotional entities, with histories, biographies, hopes, and desires. Their brave willingness to make this transparent is what feeds the artistic process and reveals a story. Meanwhile, the abstract and transient nature of the work attempts to free the participant of rigid or conventional definitions of the body. For a brief moment an expansive space is created where the participant, the audience, and I can deconstruct and reconstruct our thoughts, judgments, and impulses concerning the human body. The abstract line attempts to make the figure more whole by connecting parts of the body that are not traditionally connected. As a result, both the audience and the participant are freed from a gaze that is constantly measuring, comparing, and scrutinizing. Essentially, I am not enhancing the body or accentuating any preferred parts of it; instead I engage in an intentional celebration of the human figure, through the use of colorful geometric shapes, and I operate through a lens that treats every body part as an equal part of a whole, fluid, and expressive spirit.