from Staging Wittgenstein

from Staging Wittgenstein

Two people whose bodies are white balloons, surrounded by white balloons on the floor.
Photograph by Ella Barnes

Instructions for Filling Large Diameter Latex Balloons

Please read and follow all instructions before starting the filling process.

STEP #1: Be sure to wear eye/face protection. Handle balloon with care. Clean hands of dirt and remove sharp objects from inflation area.

STEP #2: Make sure to have 2 people for operation. 1st person holds neck of balloon over regulator. 2nd person holds body of balloon. As 1st person starts to release air at a slow speed, 2nd person assures that air is going into body of balloon, not the neck or too close to wall of balloon. Very Important; air releasing from regulator is at very high speed, release as slow as possible. Releasing air too fast or too close to neck or wall of the balloon will cause pin-holes or weak spots. Air must be directed into body of balloon held by 2nd person.

STEP #3: Fill balloon until desired size is reached. CAUTION!! OVER INFLATION WILL CAUSE BALLOON TO BURST!!

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Jumbo latex balloons are machine made. Once in a while, a defective balloon will get through the quality control process. It is best to test balloon before filling completely.

We suggest a few guidelines to prolong the life of your balloon:

  • DO NOT fly balloon in windy conditions or bad weather
  • DO NOT fly balloon near buildings or other objects that could pop the balloon
  • DO NOT, NOT Allow the balloon maneuvering area, even a small breeze will cause it to sway
  • DO NOT leave the balloon out overnight
  • DO NOT inflate indoors

Possible reasons your balloon burst/exploded:

  • You did not perform the test procedure
  • The balloon was over inflated and too tight, leaving no room for expansion
  • Weather is too hot or too humid
  • Vandalism, including being shot
  • The balloon came into contact with a bird or other sharp object

Defective balloons must be brought to the attention of your supplier immediately.


A woman with a balloon on her head seated facing a large white balloon.
Photograph by Ella Barnes

Release as slow as possible as long as possible can be slow releasing. As long as slow as possible. As releasing as possible. To be slow is to be possible. As possible is to be slow, is to be not too close. Not too close to quality. Quality too close.

Handle dirt and sharp objects with care. It is possible to dirt at high speed while being bird. It is possible to be slow before starting to follow all instructions. Starting to follow all instructions is to prolong a small bird breeze, small bird breeze must prolong.

small bird breeze. small bird breeze. small bird breeze. small bird breeze. small bird breeze . . .

White balloons of various sizes on the ground.
Photograph by Ella Barnes

Instructions for filling instructions.

Please follow all instructions before starting to read them. Very important: remove all care from your attention.

Step#1: Instructions must be brought to the attention of the instructions

Step#11: Instructions are starting to follow the instructions.

Step#12: Balloons are instructions.

Step#2: First balloon with cause pin-holes, pin-hole, pin-holes

Second balloon will handle operation

Step#21: Be sure to leave balloons by sharp objects

Be sure to remove your neck, hands and body before testing

Be sure.

Step#211: Possible reasons bad weather immediately burst

Step#212: Defective instructions are exploded in operation area.

Step#3:  Clean hands with dirt

do not small breeze vandalism

do not small dirt bird breeze

do not do not do not do not do not

Prolong the live of your bird

The bird is too high

Defective bird will remove person at a very high speed

Step#31: Weather is too close to body of balloons

Step#311: Instructions must be brought to the attention of the instructions before inflation immediately

Step#3111: Leave your weak body out overnight

Step#3112: Over-inflated life is too tight, leaving no room for expansion.

Step#32: The supplier exploded before filling completely.

Step#33: Fill until desired quality is reached; explode before filling completely.

Step#331: Do not fill balloon until your life is brought to the attention of the caution of other balloons.

Step#332: Do not follow the instructions.

Please explode/burst.

Please explode/burst.

Please explode/burst.

Please explode/burst.


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