Animal Perceptions in Lab and Literature

by Emma Indelicato and Jonathan Sonnenberg
Animal Perceptions in Lab and Literature by Jonathan Sonnenberg and Emma Indelicato
Episode 2 of Nucleus: The Confluence Podcast. "Humans have a pesky habit of making everything about themselves."
The Art World's Money Problem by Lux Blum
Museums are tied to the interests of their funders and the power structures of their governing bodies, creating an impossible-to ignore-tension between the institution and the often radical artists showing their work within the institution’s walls.

Royal Soda

by Siena Froment
Royal Soda by Siena Froment
On my second day on the island, I was met with the extravagance of peacocks in my cousin Elisabeth’s kitchen.

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Ana vs. The Codex

How has the pre-Hispanic cultural tradition of painting translated to the art present in our community today?
A Seat at Our Table by Shatima Jones

Editor’s Note, A Seat at Our Table

Writing and research from Shatima Jones's interdisciplinary seminars, “(De)Tangling the Business of Black Women’s Hair” and “Black Experiences in Literature, Movies, and Television,” published in honor of Black History Month, 2021.
Black Aesthetics and Activism by Shatima Jones

Black Aesthetics and Activism

The thirds installment of "A Seat at Our Table," featuring “Fashion Activism: The Politics of Dress During the Civil Rights Movement” by Taylor Haynes, “Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ability Politics: Hair, Music, and Activism” by Kayla Perez, “Redefining "Femininty": How Black, Queer ...

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