by K. Bovenzi
"Cine-Love" by Katie Bovenzi
Pushing through twin doors at the end of the hall, I arrive at an empty theater. What have I come here for? What do I want the theater to do for me–to do to me? 
'fullblooded life' by Iko Agada
Leopold Bloom’s Embodied Empathy

What We Will Remember

by Adele Liu Kramber
What We Will Remember by Adele Kambler
A VR Exhibit for "The Man with the Compound Eyes"

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Placeless Architecture by Connor Lambrecht

Placeless Architecture

For the first time in recorded history, one can now travel to any large urban development and perceive architecture that appears familiar regardless of its geographical location. How did this standardization come about?
Joy by Jeff Yoon


What does it look like, what does it sound like, and what does it feel like?
The No Photo collection by Sarah Hahn

The No Photo Collection

Since the very first daguerreotype, photographs have been a way to capture a moment in time. What other media are able to encapsulate our memories?
Muse by Cassi Quayson


My face and my head pulse, and so does the radio. I’m losing track of time, but I can tell that we’re close to the beach when the police officer stops us—the ceaseless strip of road has gone satisfyingly gritty ...

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