The Concept of Otherness in Speculative Fiction

by Bryanna Gary, and Jonathan Sonnenberg
The Concept of Otherness in Science Fiction by Bryanna Gary and Jonathan Sonnenberg
Episode 1 of "Nucleus," the Confluence podcast.
The Erasure of Androgynous Style by Fashion Media by Madison Lynn
The publication Harry Styles in a dress on the cover of Vogue's December 2020 issue reveals a history of mainstream fashion appropriating subversive, androgynous styles and redefining them within the gender binary in order to sustain itself with new trends.
i am writing because it's late by Xandi McMahon
I stay up all night looking at images, images, images of bodies. Cut up, reassembled bodies. Changing bodies. Impossible bodies.

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Beyond Genesis by Students of Beyond Adaptation

Beyond Genesis

In this showcase, "Beyond Genesis," students from "Interartistic Genres: Beyond Adaption" were asked to present pieces from their autobiographical oeuvre drawing from Biblical prompts.
Tapestry of Mother Mary and Angel

Mary’s Voice

Colin Tóibín’s novella, The Testament of Mary, is a retelling of the Gospels through Mother Mary’s voice, one that is noticeably silent in the bible itself. I hope to place The Testament of Mary next to its source text, The ...
Black and white photo of a congregational church

God and Grandma

My little church in a tiny town in New England where the winters get so cold you can’t feel the hair on your head, and the summers get so hot you wish you didn’t have any, has a slanted roof.
Sleepover by Jack Siebert


We stood side by side in the bathroom mirror with the door closed and pointed out where on our faces we had the same freckles so as to convince strangers at the grocery store that we were twins. We took ...
Expectations Reimagined by Emily Pardue

Expectations Reimagined

In one of the many plots woven into the web of Middlemarch, George Eliot reimagines Charles Dickens’s fantastic story of Pip and his “great expectations” through the much more realistic story of Fred Vincy.

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