by The Students of Kwami Coleman
Quarantunes by the students of Kwami Coleman
A genre-bending recording from the Arts Workshop "Music Improvisation: Concepts and Practice"

I Miss the Old Kanye

by Sean Salmons
I Miss the Old Kanye by Sean Salmons
A meditation on my relationship with Kanye West's discography.

Recordings from Quarantine

by Roy Nathanson
Recordings from Quarantine by Roy Nathanson
A showcase from the Spring 2020 Arts Workshop “Creating a Full-Length Text/Music Performance and Recording”

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PLAY PRETEND by Lucas Cusick


A song that captures the essence of my teenage years, a song of longing, confusion, and boredom, of that crazy desperation where it feels like your chest will explode because you like someone so much, then waking up the next ...
IRL by Tara Flacks


Over the past few months in quarantine, I’ve written three songs that attempt to document how this all sounds to me.
Mad by Alicia Gabrielle


I’ve been anxious for the past month, as you probably have been too. But, when I listen to this song I calm down for a little bit.
Chemistry by Evangeline Lou


I wrote this song to express the feelings that I could not convey through words.
Love by Nikkie Mondesir


In order to protect our health, many of the activities, people, and places we love are being abandoned. However, we are actually loving one another by letting go of the things we hold most dear.
Caught Your Tongue by Ella Sinskey

Caught Your Tongue

it was I, peeking from the pinkest parts of myself/ to submit to a fear of causal efficacy  bound together/ by the tiny hand sandwiches I had mentioned before 
"Synthis" by Lauren White-Jackson


A compilation of instrumental, atmospheric music intended to create feeling or sensation without understandable lyrics.

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