Recycling During the Covid-19 Outbreak by Gabbi Tsukamoto
A look at pandemic's effect on canning, the practice of collecting cans and bottles throughout New York City and returning them to redemption centers for money.

Monument Proposals for New York

by The Students of Patricia Eunji Kim
Monument Proposals by the Students of Patricia Eunji Kim
As racist statues topple, what will replace them? The students of Professor Patricia Kim’s Spring 2020 Interdisciplinary Seminar, "Women and Public Art" imagined the next generation of monuments for their final projects.

Staring through Time

by Jiaqi (Kendall) Li
Staring through Time by Jiaqi (Kendall) Li
Tracking the Ableist Gaze from Freak Show to Inspirational Porn

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PLAY PRETEND by Lucas Cusick


A song that captures the essence of my teenage years, a song of longing, confusion, and boredom, of that crazy desperation where it feels like your chest will explode because you like someone so much, then waking up the next ...
IRL by Tara Flacks


Over the past few months in quarantine, I’ve written three songs that attempt to document how this all sounds to me.
Mad by Alicia Gabrielle


I’ve been anxious for the past month, as you probably have been too. But, when I listen to this song I calm down for a little bit.
Chemistry by Evangeline Lou


I wrote this song to express the feelings that I could not convey through words.

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