Blue Bird Is Watching

by Fatima C. Julien
Blue Bird is Watching by Fatima C. Julien
A Brief Analysis of Performing and Being Watched on Social Media Platforms

Think on It

by Wentworth Cambor
Think on It by Wenty Cambor
Just outside of Grey’s Papaya, there was an odd, frozen cluster of people. Neither my babysitter nor I could see through or over the group from afar, so we kept on walking toward it. Valerie squeezed my little hand.

Don’t Be an Art Historian

by Armaan Ahmed
Don't Be an Art Historian by Armaan Ahmed
"Bolero reminds me of something—not something I have forgotten but rather something I have never thought." Why knowing nothing about a work of art can aid appreciation.

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White T: Alignment in Balance by Dominique Wojnarowski

White T: Alignment in Balance

The goal my T-shirt, while simple and plain, is to express the human body’s relationship with the world. While we are small in the world on an individual level, the inner balance and “zen” we all seek in life, through ...
"Criss Cross" by The Editors

Criss Cross Episode Two: Einstein’s War

A conversation with Matthew Stanley, professor of the history of science at Gallatin and author of the 2019 book "Einstein's War: How Relativity Triumphed Among the Vicious Nationalism of World War I."
WWF (World Wide Funk) by Kamau Littletree-Holston

WWF (World Wide Funk)

Take an audio-visual trip through Funk's history across space and time. Brit-Funk, City Pop, Italo-Disco, Afrobeat, Samba Funk...we got it all! Reading: optional; Watching & listening: required!

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