"A Strangely Unnatural Relationship" by Kaitlyn Chen
Nudity as Art and Nakedness as Sin

Poets and Composers

by Vera Kurnev
"Poets and Composers" by Vera Kurnev
There are poets and there are composers. In a way, it’s simply about their strategies for producing art and relationship to art making. In another way, it’s an inherent, spiritual quality—housed somewhere between the body and the note.

The Metronome

by Jack Helfrich
The Metronome by Jack Helfrich
I do not practice with a metronome because I want to become a better drummer. I practice with a metronome to practice focusing. To practice pretending that the world is objective. To meditate.

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Who...am...I? I am the all encompassing I.  Human.  Everything, nothing, yet somehow living. 

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