Before: Earth + Beyond

Before: Earth + Beyond


She appears. She is calm, collected, and is distinctly contrasted by a stark white backdrop. Suddenly, her left arm flinches, she loses control of her right knee, and movement overcomes her body. The transformation begins. With each change of clothing, her movements become more fluid. Her limbs begin to stretch to their fullest capacity and the garment begins to dance. The room goes pitch black and her skin begins to glow. Her hair frees completely, flashing lights take control, and she is found in movement.

The fashion film and artistic collaboration, Earth + Beyond, directed by filmmaker Kaliya Warren celebrates movement through a fashion lens. The film harmoniously marries the body and the garment while drawing the viewer into a world absent of bodily movement constraints. Accompanied by original music and stunning modern dance, the fashion film short is the perfect summation of the featured collection overall.

The collection, designed by Anna Kathleen, explores themes of voyage and transformation. The collection chronicles, through the medium of clothing, a possible evolution of our human relationship to the body. As the collection evolves, it illustrates a transformation from a body long gendered by society to a body emancipated from those restrictions. Through the lenses of fashion, art, and critical theory, the designer envisions an otherworldly aesthetic, one beyond gender and embodied by art.

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