Everything You Need to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like floods, tornados, earthquakes are increasing every year due to climate change. One of the main reasons people fail at a time of disaster is a lack of preparation and knowledge. Many have no choice but to adapt to the increasing “natural” disasters as climate change worsens. How, then, to minimize destruction or give a sense of safety from repeated natural disasters?

As one solution, I created MAMO, a digital catalog that brings people easy and accessible safety. Users can use the catalog to mix and match their needs to specific natural disasters. The research has been done for what you need, where to buy, and which brand to get. All you need to do is click on the items linked to direct online shopping. 

The Chinese character “守” (mamo) means to protect and endure in Japanese. I hope this project will minimize destruction by normalizing household-level preparations.

Mamo: Everything You Need to Prepare for Disasters full brochure

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