Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors



endless tiles on the floor
i remain glued down
eyes trained to the motion detector 

sand grains under comforters
AC doesn’t obey
cables like tightrope
efrigerated perishables are safe kept

static radio, plastic patio, styrofoam handshakes
lovely, thirty-day teardrops crisp to shapes
outer circles like stoplights and pedestrians
weave around the perimeter 

room number? 

these paintings are like Rorschach tests
bottlenose dolphin
or desert skies and empty telephone booths 

from elevator 2,  someone screams words
that don’t exist 

Sister can’t recall the last time she visited
She resides in the garden, hides in wheat stalks
That permeate the golden plain
Pricky fuzz doesn’t tear her skirt, she swallows it 

yeast is the foundation
essential nutrients, vitamin d is a hallucinogen
petals in her palm each time i counted to thirty and couldn’t find her 

these are the hands that raise upward and signal to the driveway 

while red wine bleeds from vending machines 

fuzzy radio scratches.
tap water emits microscopic minerals from Terra 


The Vase is a centerpiece
it needs tall sprouts and a decoration on the underside 

Sister on the farm
Static on the radio
Countless tiles here
Fuzzy conversation 

I get caught in revolving doors


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