Special Feature: On Conceptualism

Special Feature: On Conceptualism



Each of these papers, written in the spring of 2019 for the seminar “What Was Conceptualism and Why Won’t It Go Away?”, offers a provocative and original reading of works of art that have embraced conceptualist aesthetic strategies in order to critique the institutions that structure, articulate, and constrain the artists’ experience. Through careful close readings of the artworks under study, Isabelle Azouz, Julianna Bjorksten, and Elle Necoechea illuminate how and why artists who worked in this vein sought to intervene just in the way that they did, as well as the lasting impact of the works that they produced.


The Mother-Son and State-Citizen Complex” by Isabelle Azouz

Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document in Conversation with Susan Silton’s A Potentiality Long After Its Actuality Has Become a Thing of the Past

"The Mother-Son and State-Citizen Complex" by Isabelle Azouz


The Woman Constructed” by Julianna Bjorksten

Language in Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen and Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document

"The Woman Constructed," by Julianna Bjorksten


The Institution as a Site of Its Own Critique” by Elle Necoechea

On the Work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles and Christopher D’Arcangelo

"The Institution as a Site of Its Own Critique" by Elle Necoechea


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