Over the past few months in quarantine, I’ve written three songs that attempt to document how this all sounds to me. My personal goal for these songs was to not take it too seriously and just try to create some sort of tangible evidence of how this all felt. All three are unmastered and fully recorded using midi instruments and logic plug-ins and all the vocals are recorded through the microphone in my headphones, making it truly evocative of this time period where it’s just me and my laptop, every day, and all the time.

I made “Say Something”within the first few days of the lockdown where I was desperate to have any kind of synthesized thought that summarized what this all meant so I could move on and stop feeling so weird. Predictably, I wasn’t able to do this so in  place of words I filled the space with musical summations.

“Midnight Attitude” is a fun, light hearted pop song that lives in an out-of-body dream world and grapples with a desperate attempt to resurrect from a “hopeless attitude” to a much more fun, “midnight attitude.”

I wrote “Cowboy Boots On” in the last week of April, and it’s definitely about cowboy boots
—it’s maybe also about my unhealthy displacement of identity and emotions onto material possessions—but also it’s mainly about my very cool cowboy boots that sit alone in my apartment in the East Village while I sit in London moping about my dwindling years of youth. The whole song feels like it’s mocking itself but I think it also recognizes that sometimes it feels really good to throw yourself a pity party in the form of a pop song.

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