S’mores: An Introduction

S’mores: An Introduction


The Stories Behind the S’more: Exercises in historical writing


The following three-part series is a collection of historical writings—one narrative piece, one transcription piece, and one historical fiction piece. Each piece tells a story about one of the three ingredients that make up a S’more. The characters and corporations mentioned in the pieces are real, and the events described attempt to express their truly unique stories.

1. Graham’s Crackers Crumble

Graham crackers

Narrative History. A story about Sylvester Graham and how Oberlin College students failed to live on a diet of only Graham crackers and water.

2. Hershey’s Tropical Bar

Hershey's chocolate bar

Transcription. This piece details how the Hershey Chocolate Corporation chemically advanced its chocolate products in order to meet the needs of soldiers during World War II.

3. The Marshmallow Test


Historical Fiction. This is a story about Walter Mischel conducting the infamous marshmallow test at Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School.

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