A Study in Green

A Study in Green


Color photograph of young girls on outdoor swing set, grass and plants in background

we pretended that the ginkgo nuts were bombs
filled with lethal gases,

that the branches were stairs
leading to our home with green walls
and windows you could see out of but not into,

that the grass was a forest
where fairies built homes
and leprechauns swam
(the worms were their god),

that sticks could be wands,
but only at 3:25 p.m.
after we’d left our books at the foot of my bed,
and eaten green apples with marshmallows
under the table,

that skirts would be illegal
as soon as the fire ants invaded
and we’d have to run away soon,

but we had a green home with a forest below
(the worm gods would save us).

so let’s meet at the swings—

the green ones.

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