NYU SLAM! Team 2012

NYU Slam! team members
From left: Aziza Barnes, Eric Silver, Safia Elhilo, Joe Amodei, Kate Guenther, Connor Sampson


In an NYU Local article Eric Silver writes, “I believe in NYU SLAM! because I found a community at NYU. In our disjointed, urban monster of a college, everyone’s just looking for a bunch of people who care for them.” After I spent an afternoon laughing and listening to Eric Silver, NYU SLAM! President and the rest of the team in Washington Square Park, I understood what he meant. NYU SLAM! is a group of fiercely talented individuals who may have been brought together by their love of poetry, but are now also great friends. Joe Amodei, Aziza Barnes, Safia Elhillo, Kate Guenther, Tonya Ingram, Connor Sampson and Eric Silver are the poets whose talent and energy lead the NYU SLAM! team.

“Slam is cool because you get three minutes and ten seconds for everyone to listen to what you have to say.”—Joe Amodei

NYU SLAM! is the first organized competitive slam team in New York City. After winning the College Unions Poetry Slam (CUPSI) in 2012, NYU SLAM! is currently the number one ranked collegiate slam poetry team in the country. Although they are the reigning champs, for the members of NYU SLAM! poetry is about much more than a score. Poet Joe Amodei shares, “After we became champions, I realized I didn’t really care about winning. I care about the people who come up to me after the slam and tell me that my poem mattered to them or that it changed their outlook, or their day or their life.”

“There is an understanding when you get on stage that this is your life.”—Kate Guenther

The team is filled with rare people who understand the importance of artistic self-expression and feel responsible for the stories they have to share. NYU SLAM! performs in Palladium’s MultiPurpose Room as well as a variety of other venues. Check out their stories and see for yourself.


Just Announced: NYU SLAM! Team 2013: Susannah Perkins, Crystal, Safia Elhillo, Jamacia Heolimeleikalani Osorio, Connor Sampson, and Tonya Ingram






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