The Sunsets Get Earlier: A Visual Journal

The Sunsets Get Earlier: A Visual Journal


Digital drawing of tree, housing a five our six squirrels, with a ladder halfway up the trunk connecting three balconies going up to the branches.

The closest thing I have to a diary is my sketchbook. My goal for this project was to organize all of the elements of my life that relate to art-making into a scrollable website. Almost every day of my fall semester is accounted for, and the event of each day is specified to be either dream or reality, in order for me to explore working from memory, from life, and from media. The scrolling format works as an Instagram feed would, and it is pretty intuitive for members of my generation for whom scrolling signifies the passing of time. This “scroll” feels like an apt timeline of my semester.

I have included a mix of drawings, paintings, videos, photos, and hand-written text to give a multi-faceted view of my creative process, allowing viewers to access the images, events, and dreams that influence my artwork. As a painter, I make art almost every day, and when I am not making, I am thinking about making, so I felt this would be a good way to record and reflect on how I feel and what I am particularly curious about on a given day. I have certainly learned a lot about myself from making this. For example, when my schedule gets busier, my stress tends to assassinate my creativity, but when I give myself time to read about and look at art, I get energized and my creativity soars.

I invite readers to scroll through my website, and when you see something you are curious about, stop on it, read about it, and move on.

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