Introduction: Brandspankin’ New Works Festival

Introduction: Brandspankin’ New Works Festival


Gallatin Theatre Troupe is proud to present four stage plays from this years’ Brandspankin’ New Works Festival. After a three-year pandemic hiatus, we were so thrilled to come back with outstanding student works from the Gallatin theatre community. These works truly exemplify GTT’s mission of a radical, people-first, care-centered practice to theatre-making, while modeling interdisciplinary storytelling. As the Director of Outreach at Gallatin Theatre Troupe and a Brandspankin’ director, I am beyond honored to introduce you to these stories.

Gut Feeling by Anabel Giacobbi brings us along on a cadaverous adventure of two young college students. As we witness the two friends navigate academic life, their balancing act seems to fall apart to a bloodthirsty resolution.

Breene Halaby presents The Orchid and the Botanist—a delicate, precious rom–com that leaves the audience swooning and pondering at the same time. A botanist and a social worker fall in love with each other, but more importantly, they’re learning how to love themselves.

David and Vincent is a gentle touch on grief and reconciliation between fathers and sons. The playwright Cade Kaminsky transports us to Central Park where the vivacious autumn leaves fall into the hearts of David and Vincent.俺抬杠

Anti-Gone俺抬杠?!, adopted from Sophocles’s Antigone by Yiwei Lu, retells the eternal dispute between the familial obligation and the personal moral standard. Under the suffocating clamor of a rustic Chinese village, our Antigone struggles to defy the precarious weight of feudalism.


As a playwright myself, I know the unfathomable excitement to witness a script, a child of my tears and laughter, coming to life in production as well as in publication. GTT is filled with gratitude for the Confluence editors, especially Corinne Butta, for making this collaboration come true. We would love to extend our gratitude to all Brandspankin’ playwrights, directors, actors, stage managers, the Labowitz theatre staff for their hard work, and of course, we want to thank all the audience members and readers for graciously sharing your time with us. 


Director of Outreach, Gallatin Theatre Troupe

Dejing Eloise Wang

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