2016 Scholars Groups Showcase

2016 Scholars Groups Showcase


Each year, student members of Gallatin’s Albert Gallatin Scholars, Americas Scholars, and Dean’s Honor Society participate in a travel colloquium where they explore a theme related to their destinations. During January Term 2016, AGS explored “Globalization and Contemporary Art” in South Africa, the Americas Scholars explored “Labor, Daily Life, and Creative Expression” in Cuba, and DHS explored “Environment, Ecology, and Human Use” in the Galápagos Islands. This collection is a showcase of students’ artistic and scholarly responses to their experiences.

“Globalization and Contemporary Art” in South Africa
Albert Gallatin Scholars

“Thoughts from a Traveler” by Maame Boatemaa

“ZARzine” by Jenna Brandvold

“A Song She Sang to Me” by Selamawit Gashaw
Selamawit-Gashaw_A Song She Sang to Me_Audio_Scholars_Thumb

“Tourists Can be Cool, Too” by A.K.
A-K_tourists_Creative Nonfiction_Scholars_Thumb

“Clay in a Season of Drought” by Nyelah Sawyer
Nyelah-Sawyer_Clay in a Season of Drought_audio_scholars_thumb


“Labor, Daily Life, and Creative Expression” in Cuba
Americas Scholars

“Eye Contact vs. iContact” by Joosje Duk
Joosje-Duk_Eye Contact vs. iContact_Portfolio_Scholars_Thumb

 “Tourists in Cuba” by Michael Frazier, Jr.

“Color. White Rice…:Fifteen Memories of Cuba” by Rosie Vacanti Gilroy

“The Ambassador form Cuba” by Alex Hanson

“Thresholds to Understanding” by Yael Heiblum
Yael-Heiblum_Thresholds to Understanding_Portfolio_Scholars_Thumb

“In Praise of Cuban Food” by Vanessa Karalis

“Good Old 1955” by Orli Major



“Environment, Ecology, and Human Use” in the Galápagos Islands
Deans Honor Society

“Internet Infrastructure in the Galápagos Islands” by Zachary T. Kessel
Zachary-Kessel_Confluence Thumbnail_ Research_Scholars

“Darwins Islands” by Eliza Lambert, Dan Moritz-Rabson and Madeleine Stanley

“In Dialogue with Darwin” by Isabeaux Mitton

“Hearing the Galápagos” by Anna Waterman

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